We believe God is all powerful. We shows his power in the creation he has made. He reveals himself in the Bible. God was made manifest in Jesus Christ (Heb 1:3). We are his unworthy servants.

The Jesus Bible Version »

We publish the Jesus Bible (public domain), based on the NHEB. We have edited various chapters to JBible modern English standards, as we have time, like Ezekiel 34, Romans 8 and Philippians 4. We edit other places to JBible standards as we have time. MORE

Science and Faith »

God created us, Evolution is wrong, Darwin is wrong. Many people are confused these days. Many people constantly only listen to one side of the story... it suits them. But if you are interested in science and interested in the other side of the story... the story of how God created a very complicated thing called life... seen in the cell, there is interesting information many people have not encountered if they are just trusting their high school and college level textbooks on Evolution. Listen to these videos and tell us what you think if you find them interesting.

The Free Gospel »

God has given us the "free gift" which we call the "Free Gospel" of Jesus Christ who came to save us from our sins. You can read more about the "free gift" of God in Romans 5 or the button above. There is nothing bigger or more grand in all of history than this amazing truth.

Gospel Freedom »

God has given Christians a "Gospel Freedom" that is glorious and explained in 1 Cor 3. We are joined with Christ in his death and he fulfilled the demands of the Law. For those who know of God's Word, the Law of Moses is the law we are talking about. We are allowed to join in a union with Christ, to die with Him and to be raised with him into a new freedom from the demands of the Law (of Moses). We can live under the Law of liberty and participate in the New Covenant Kingdom of God. We encourage and promote this "Gospel Freedom" as good news in addition from being saved from our sins. God grants us peace with God and a new freedom that frees us from the duty of the Law so we can love God and man in a more joy filled way.

Bible Reading Suggestions »

Knowing God is very important. Some people will hear Jesus say, "I never knew you". Reading your Bible is wise and helps you "stay alert" to the deceitful things in life. Our recommendations for reading your Bible are above.

Commentaries »

Some people want to dig deeper into understanding God's Word. They may look to detailed commentaries written by individuals to help interpret the Bible. This can be good or bad. It depends on what kind of advice you are getting and your intentions for the information. Assuming the best, our Bible commentary suggestions can be found above.


Our personal views and interpretations on various topics are above. For example, here are a sampling of our views on Romans 7, City Churches Membership, Lord's Supper, Discipleship, NCT and Ordination.

Bible Study Tools »

Bible Study Tools can help your time in God's Word, but in my case, being in IT and having some issues with overusing the computer, I need to strongly limit this. Our suggestions for Bible Study Tools are above.

Christian Debates »

Don't be afraid of learning what the enemies of Christ say. We want to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Listen to a good debate every now and then. But you can be led astray... beware of the deceitfulness of men. Our suggestions for Christian debates are above.

Christian Leaders »

Some Christians consider themselves leaders but seem to loose track of who the ultimate leader is when it comes to "obeying leaders" in church practice. A Christian's conscience submitted to Jesus should not be set aside for example if someone wants to avoid talking oaths because Jesus says so. Your church's leaders stand at a lower priority. See our thoughts above.

Early Church Ways »

Jesus is our master and Lord who decided to put a certain set of fellows as the original Apostles and to write how we ought to behave in the church. We like those who carefully study and look into how to best follow and imitate the early church and the Apostles who wrote scripture. We like those who seek to "obey" the early church not just in doctrine, but also in church practice/tradition. See our thoughts above.

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